TopazThyme is a songwriting and home recording duo comprised of vocalist/lyricist Bunny Relerford, affectionately known as "Ms. Bunny," and songwriter/composer Durwood Walker. Located in the Metro Washington, DC. area, the two met while members of Prince George's County, Maryland's Senior Community ServIce Employment Program (SCSEP).

Bunny, a native Philadelphian, comes from a musical background and first recorded with the Victory Choral Ensemble in that city. Durwood is from North Carolina and participated in both his high school band and glee club there. After a 7-year stint in the U.S. Navy where he began studying the contrabass with a member of the Navy band, he resumed those studies and played bass in the Washington area before settling on songwriting. 

TopazThyme makes music with a distinct jazz "flavor." That said, don't be surprised to hear a gospel, pop or blues tune at any given moment; not to mention some experimenting with electronic music.

Well into their senior years when they began writing and recording together, it was a natural that the first songs they produced spoke to older individuals. "It's Never Too Late,"  their very first song, was soon followed by "Be Good To Yourself."  The group has coupled the two titles to come up with the slogan, It's Never Too Late To Be Good To Yourself. Their main motto is Music For Your Life.

TopazThyme does no live shows, performing only for recording purposes. They have a desire to take their music into senior homes and other shut-in facilities in the future.