This is sort of a mock jingle written as a sample of our ad writing approach, aimed at prospective clients. The words are, nevertheless, heartfelt.

This project is in no way associated or affiliated with Prince George's County, Maryland government.

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Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA
(Promotional Jingle for Sonic Crafts Music)

Words by Bunny Relerford & Durwood Walker
Music by Durwood Walker

Medium jazz swing tempo

Verse 1
Welcome To Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA
Where people of distinction come to live, to work, and to play
Nestled in close proximity to our nation’s capital, Washington, DC
Steeped in tradition and history, there’s no finer place to be

Verse 2
Prince George’s County, Maryland offers you
A wealth of fabulous attractions, and opportunity, too
So why not pay us a visit today, odds are great you’ll want to stay
Here in Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA

Come on and visit today!

©2016 Sonic Crafts Music (Publishing) - ASCAP